Sunday, April 9, 2017

Black Pigeon Gets Truthy

Check out Black Pigeon's Syria analysis (via WRSA), in which BP suggests that the missile attack was a false flag exercise in Kabuki Theater and, most likely, a one-off event which changes nothing. 

Also note his description of the slimy, corrupt, lying, elite, smug mainstream media. The infovid's worth it for that alone. There's a neat photo of the DAARPA deranged McCain, too.

Speaking of which, have you noticed the trending #FireKushner?




LL said...

All it took was a showy launch of a few missiles and the MSM loves Trump. Meanwhile, where is that oil pipeline running?

Adrienne said...

It's all about the oil. Whenever they drag little kids out, you know they're trying to tug at heartstrings. It works. Personally, I have severe doubts that any kids were gassed at all, but I'm a bit nuts like that.

Meantime, ISIS turns a church into a slaughter house of Christians and the world yawns.

LSP said...

LL, what a good question. Odd, but no one much seems to be asking it.

LSP said...

No seems to care at all about Christians being killed, Adrienne. Except Russia, which is the ONLY major power that's made a point of coming to the aid of persecuted Christians in the Middle East. DJT was making noises that way but he's stopped for now, maybe for good.

Well done, authors of the Russian Hacker narrative. You have blood on your hands, maybe Hillary doesn't care.