Sunday, May 12, 2013

You'd Better Obey Now!

The State Loves You

What was it that ZeroHedge wisely reminded us of? Oh yes. "It is not a conspiracy theory if it is a conspiracy fact."

You Have Nothing To Fear

But don't worry, the State is your friend. Unless you happen to be Jewish, or think that we're taxed enough already.


Reeling from the above epiphany I made up some country style ribs. They're cooking low and slow on the grill this very moment.

In other news, Malcolm X's grandson is dead. He went by "Shabazz" and was beaten to death in a strip joint in Mexico.  You can read all about it on the internet. 

Forgive the digression; happy Mother's Day!



Third News said...

LSP, I'm not sure you are not next on the audit list, "country style ribs" sounds a little patriotic to me

LSP said...

That, Third News, is a very good point.

darlin said...

I want some of those ribs please! :-)