Monday, May 13, 2013

Ancient & Modern

New Skool, Old Skool

I bit the not so proverbial bullet and went out for a well needed shoot; just a bit of ranging about with one of the Lees and an AR. I say "just" as though it wasn't any great deal. Not so fast; with the cost of ammo being Homeland Security IRS pricey, you've got to make every shot count, before you go broke. Like the economy.

Bore Sight!

And the question in my shooter's mind was, "Is the cheap 2nd hand Burris Fullfield, 50 buck wonder, scope broken?" Would it dial in? Last time I tried I wasn't so sure.

Getting there

It did OK. I bore-sighted the old-skool way by peering  at the target with the bolt out, then gazing like a Chaldee through the scope. Were both sight pictures the same? Adjust accordingly. After things were appx. sorted out at 25 yards I moved out to 50 and called EndEx when the rounds were impacting 1" above the X Ring.

Rule Britannia, DIY

Good result. A $150 rifle, with 1917 history, that I'd refinished and restocked myself coming in as a contender in the "kill the evil hog at 100 yards" stakes. Or whatever. To be honest, I think I'll lose the scope and get a 'smith to fit iron (express) sights. 2 folding leaf would be neat and not too expensive. Authentic(ish) too.

.303 Brit

Shot off a couple of mags of 5.56 afterwards to clear the head. Did best off-hand, oddly. Pathetically inaccurate kneeling and prone. Must have lost concentration in the later evolutions.

Go home and eat ribs

A good and well needed days shooting over, I headed for home and BBQ Country Style Ribs. Result. 

Shoot straight and remember, there'll always be an England, until, of course, that there's not.

God bless,



lukeya said...

I like it with the scope on Padre -as its a sporter - but I agree - one of them at least should be on Iron sights.

I wouldn't be too pessimistic about the US economy you know. It is indebted yes but the productive capacity and productivity of the US still outclasses any other nation by a country mile. And many think this will continue to be the case for a long while yet. Because at the end of the day no other large Government on the planet interferes less in its own country's business dyanamism, and certainly not the Chinese. You Americans will save your own country, fear not.

LSP said...

Good points, Lukeya:

I think I need to invest a little cash to get someone to 'smith a good scope mount on the Mk. III, the current setup's a little too flimsy for comfort.

I'm inclined to turn the #4 into a carbine and keep the original rear micro sight, but we'll see. But whatever, I like the idea of a classic sporter and something else a little more "truck gun" eccentric.

Good US optimism -- lets hope you're right. Of course we have to factor in a large uptick in oil & gas production and it's true, US productivity is no small thing...

As for the Chinese, well, let's see how that plays out. Perhaps you noticed that Mao's grand daughter is a billionaire?