Sunday, April 28, 2013

Episcopal Visitation

Jack Iker, Real Bishop

Every year the Bishop, Jack Iker,  makes the long trek out of Fort Worth into the missionary hinterland that is the South Western tip of the spear of the Diocese of Fort Worth. He did so today and the conversation went like this.

LSP:  Welcome to our little slice of paradise, yer grace!

+Iker:  I hear roosters!!

LSP:  Just keepin' it real, yer honor.

+Iker:  Very good!

Seriously, the roosters kick up a heckuvva racket of a morning; hard to make yourself heard saying Mass, but the bishop did well and preached admirably on love.

Jefferts Schori, Boy Bishop

Speaking of love, the Diocese of Fort Worth is being sued by Presiding Boy Bishop Jefferts Schori and her gang of libs. The case is before the Texas Supreme Court and who knows, they might reach a decision anytime soon. If it goes against us we lose everything to the libs, including the LSP compound. That, to my mind, would be a shame.

God bless,



David and Elizabeth Corey said...

I laughed out loud at the real bishop/boy bishop contrast. "He preached on love." "S/he is suing us." At the highest level, that's that! Let's rest our case.

LL said...

I will pray for you and for your continued ministry.

Mattexian said...

You might find allies in the redoubt of San Antonio. I know of one church of Anglicans there, that I visited last year. That might be far enough to escape the tendrils of the ECUSA, without having to leave Texas. (Tho, oddly, it's part of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, according to their website. I understand how politics can get in the way of worship, myself being mostly Methodist.)

LSP said...

Good call, David, I wish we could...

Thanks LL, that means a lot to me.

Not sure about the San Antonio scene, Mattexia. I understand there's a couple of trad parishes there. But if we lose the lawsuit we'll just setup the diocese afresh here. You never know, that might even be for the best.

God bless.