Tuesday, April 2, 2013

You Lying Frenchman

France's former "budget minister", the improbably named Jerome Cahuzac, has admitted to being caught up in a "spiral of lies." Lies about what? About his secret Swiss Bank account, of course. Question; did he party with Dominique Strauss Kahn and the rest of the NWO satanists?

Here in America, our politicians are scrupulously honest. Obviously, just look at them.

Ole Shifty

There's Ole Shifty himself, our ruler, and his BFF, Hillary "Pants" Clinton. 

Pants Clinton

And let's not forget Nancy and her reptilian friend Joe! 

demented space creature


reptilian overlord

As the day is long.

O Lord, make haste to help us.



David and Elizabeth Corey said...

Somehow you always manage to cut right to the heart of the matter

bluesun said...

Amen, LSP...

LSP said...

David and Elizabeth -- you're kind1

Cheers, Bluesun.