Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mystery Billionaire Builds Huge Yacht

A mystery billionaire has built the world's largest yacht, leading some experts to speculate that the Episcopal Church's leaderene is looking for a quick getaway from her rapidly sinking denomination.

From over three million members in the 1960s, the Episcopal Church has shrunk to a mere one million members, but only 657,000 of these can work up the energy to turn up to church for Sunday worship. That number's shrinking fast, with some 50,000 members exiting the pews every year.

that'll bring 'em in

Maybe allocating $1 million of the shrinking church's $111 million budget towards "church planting" and $13 million towards legal costs, will help to bail out Episcopalian fortunes.


There is no line item item for shipbuilding in the Episcopal Church's triennial budget. Jefferts Schori is a keen boat person and a marine biologist.

Anchors away!



Silverfiddle said...

Maybe if the Episcopal Church dropped the crosses and the Bibles and turned itself into some kind of gay Club Med things would pick up for them?

On a lighter note, "Free" birth control for everybody starting in August thank to our Dear Leader...

LSP said...

It's great, isn't it, Silverfiddle. Lots of free health care that we'll all be forced to pay for.