Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lee Enfield Porch Project -- Wood Arrives

Remember, delusions of grandeur notwithstanding, there's only so much in the stipend to spend on gun projects. And, as the Breviary advises, "Wisdom, open the door;" Wisdom, in this instance being, don't spend a lot of money on a "learn as you go along" Lee Enfield project. With that in mind, I ordered a walnut forestock from Boyds for Mk. III re-sporterizing -- semi-inlet, $44. How could I go wrong/

In all kinds of ways; the wood could have been rubbish and might have required major surgery to fit the barreled receiver. So I was a little nervous. 

I needn't have worried.

The walnut was fine for the money. It'll take some time and patience to fill the grain and the wood sits a little proud to the metal, but that's good. Easy to subtract, hard to add.

Importantly, the basic inletting seems pretty much on, with bearing surfaces making good contact with trigger guard, receiver, trigger lugs and forend etc. To put it simply, the thing fits and it fits for very little money.

Well done, Boyds. Next step? A lot of sanding and a bit of the rasp. More on that anon.

Shoot straight,



David and Elizabeth Corey said...

Great project, LSP. True conservatism in action, and on a budget.

LSP said...

Thanks -- I enjoy working on these old rifles. Should be good when its done, then move onto the next one...

God bless.