Thursday, January 19, 2012

Steenson Loves Schori.

The United States now has an Ordinariate in which Anglicans can convert to the Roman Catholic church while keeping elements of their heritage. The newly minted leader of the U.S. Ordinariate is Geoffery Steenson, former TEC (The Episcopal Church) Bishop of the Rio Grande.

In a recent article in The Living Church, Steenson had this to say about his former boss, litigious abortion advocate, Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori.

“One of the people I’m still very grateful for is Katharine Jefferts Schori. She was absolutely wonderful... I could not have asked for better pastoral care from my presiding bishop.”

Absolutely Wonderful!
Resisting the urge to say "let's all break out the cuddly toys and go hug a tree while trying not throw up," I congratulate Fr. Steenson on his new appointment. 

Someone's Parker Hale awesomness
All you need is love and a custom Lee Enfield.

I love Lees.



Borepatch said...

If you have to bubba a fine old rifle, that's doing it right!

LSP said...

I have to agree Borepatch. Nice looking rifle... one of the old Parker Hale conversions.

For some reason I've caught Lee Fever and am about to get locked into an old sporter upgrade...

bluesun said...

So it's meet the new guy, same as the old?

LSP said...

It's better than that Bluesun -- despite appearances. Fortunately.

Silverfiddle said...

You've probably heard of "Californication," the phenomenon whereby flaming California liberals escape the horrible mess they've made and invade other states.

Instead of learning from the past, they bring their liberalism with them, eventuating the downfall and destruction of their adopted state. They never learn.

Could this end up happening with such Anglicans entering the Catholic Church (which is already doing a fine job damaging itself at every turn...)?

LSP said...

"Californication" -- terrifying prospect, Silverfiddle.

But despite Steenson's comments, Anglican converts to Rome are a pretty sound bunch -- some would say too sound for some Roman hierarchs.

Steenson's trying to be irenic and steer his new flock away from the "angry Anglican" syndrome, which is good. Still, Schori as "absolutely wonderful"?

Shurely shome mishtake...

Anonymous said...

I've got skin in this game: Texas educated and living in California --- very different! More to the point, I am an Anglican priest entering the Ordinariate. I trust Fr. Steenson is just being irenic and maintaining good relations which will help sympathetic Episcopalians who are soon or potentially coming over.

Leaving the anger behind is hard, real hard.

BTW, I miss Texas

Silverfiddle said...

OK. And I agree with both fine priests here that holding on to anger is never good, and helping usher a spurned flock while avoiding rancor has got to be a difficult task.

LSP: So where are you on your journey? Still firmly ensconced in the Anglican Church? (I haven't been visiting for awhile)

LSP said...

Still an Anglican, Silverfiddle, albeit in one of the few remaining sane dioceses in the Western world and I'm loyal to that, especially given the fact that we're being sued by the Jefferts Schori's church of love, peace and inclusivity...

That aside, I'd very much like to be in communion with the Holy See but -- doubtless wisely -- Providence has put that decision above my 'pay grade'.

Great to have your comments again!

LSP said...

Ah, Anonymous. Hope the California road isn't too rocky. I've heard things were a little difficult. But you'll be happier, I'm sure, once the change is firmly in place.

When you're next in Texas we must go for a shoot.