Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good Horse - Evil Liturgists.

After Morning Prayer I left the Command Post for a well needed ride on JB. She hadn't been out for a while  and did pretty well. 

We practiced figure eights, circles and serpentines around thorn bushes and Mesquite Trees. Just walk and trot, which was fine. I was pleased to see she stood still while I mounted; something of a breakthrough... In other news, the Manhattan Infidel has told me that priests are, in fact, allowed to "shoot people." Namely "liturgists."
"But why?" You ask.

I'd say that was self-evident.

Off to load m'guns.



Adrienne said...

I need to poke my eyes out with an icepick to wipe away those images. That's about what the ICYC (Idaho Catholic Youth Conference) has become.

bluesun said...

For some reason that picture of the giant altar makes me want to chant "KALI MA!" over and over...

darlin said...

LSP I love the first shot of JB, the title of the photo should be "Back In the Saddle". ;-)

Careful what you shoot and shoot straight to ensure you hit that target k? lol

Have a great day. God bless.

Darlene aka darlin :-)

LSP said...

Adrienne. I"m sorry I brought on an attack of the icepick. But their day will come to an end -- soon. I hope.

LSP said...

Well spotted Bluesun!

Darlin' - it was good to be back riding JB; as for the liturgists...

God bless.