Thursday, April 12, 2018

Road Warrior

C'mon kid, let's roll, which roughly translated means, hurry up, we're walking to school with the dogs via the Pick 'n Steal for coffee and I don't want you late.

Soon enough we were over the start line and heading for the Shamrock, staffed by Nepalese, thank you very much and mind the kukri, with Friday gamboling along like a puppy and Blue following at a more sedate pace.

Blue Valhalla's getting on in years and someone's been stealth feeding him when I'm not looking, so he's getting a bit portly. This isn't fair on the furry protector and means I'll have to put a lock on his feed bin or maybe a sign, "DON'T OPEN THIS. IT WILL EXPLODE AND DESTROY YOU."

Coffee, school, and dog walk objectives reached, I relaxed on the front office porch and thought about the effect of various bullets on my YETI mug; a range day's obviously in order. Then, Daily Office said, I drove to Fort Worth down good old I35W.

It's not a bad drive until you get to the metrosprawl, then it's a nightmare. What evil satanic geniuses convinced the American public to live in vast plastic sided suburbs, intersected by highways roaring past decaying strip malls. It's bad enough now, imagine the future.

One day the plastic will sag, decay, and fall, leaving square miles of chipboard houses to quietly implode back to nature while the highways collapse; the sheer slum of it will challenge all but the bravest explorers. Remortgage that, I dare you.

Regardless, I made it to the clergy day at Holy Apostles and very edifying it was too. Bishop Iker gave a good presentation on the state of the litigation against the Diocese and Dr. Stephen Noll talked about marriage. 

After lunch, I headed back to the compound, picked up the kid, drove him to work, drove back to the Compound, drove to Lake Whitney to say Mass and watched a film because it was the church's film night.

We watched the Gospel of John, which is just that, the Gospel of John narrated, with actors doing their thing in the background. I love John's Gospel. Then, kid being delivered to the church, it was time to brave TX-22 and get back to base.

The dogs were excited to see us. The pack was back, and I tell you, several hundred miles worth of driving aside, it all made for a good break from watching WWIII unfold in Syria and the slow moving coup against the President.

I file this exciting story under "road warrior."

God bless,



LL said...

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. The metroplex set-ups are perfect for the dystopian predictions of science fiction writer's dreams to come true in.

I'm hopeful that y'all won't toss in the towel and surrender to the lesbian witches until all options are off the table. Blue Valkyrie will demand it of you.

And while I'm on the subject of Blue Valkyrie, he does have a way of begging food that is difficult to resist - and if begging doesn't work, we all know that he is willing to take what is his.

LSP said...

We're most definitely standing firm againat the witch cult LL. No surrender.

And what a ruin the metrosprawl will make when it comes to an end, as one day it must.

Then there's Blue Veteran. He's starting to show his age now. That doesn't mean he's too old for fried cherry pies...

LindaG said...

A blessed weekend to you, all, too, Parson. :-)

Adrienne said...

Blue Burly will have a much better and more comfortable life if he drops a few pounds. Just a few extra can put untold strain on their hindquarters. Our little Frankie tends to pork up and so for dinner he eats a big bowl of veggies (which he loves.) I grind up carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, add some peas, and shred a bit of lettuce. For breakfast he still gets his quarter cup of kibble. It keeps his weight in check. You may want to try that with Blue Chubby. Judging by his obsession with food, I think he'll take to veggies. Like I tell the vet, "I may not be able to control my own weight too well, but I can darn sure control Frankies."

Okay - lecture over.

I left Houston when I stood on the SW Freeway pedestrian overpass and saw the bumper bumper traffic for miles all the way to downtown Houston. I remember thinking, "This is nuts!" Two months later I was gone.

Allow me to also add you are an inspiration and I wish you were my pastor.

Brig said...

What used to be a nice country freeway here has turned into bumper traffic, and the damn governors on the big trucks don't help as they e v e r s o s l o w l y p a s s .
Blue warrior does need to keep his weight down for health reasons. That breed is know for having weight problems if they don't get enough exercise, or get bored. Carrots make a good snack for them to chew on.
Blessed weekend Padre!

LSP said...

Linda, and with thy spirit!

LSP said...

Thanks for the sensible and true lecture, Adrienne. The thing is, an elderly lady of the church has been stealth feeding him, going into the church hall, quietly grabbing a handful of milk bones or a scoop of food, and feeding it to Blue Massive.

She thinks it's kind. It's not kind, it's bad for the dog, and I've told her this but she continues. I'll have to lock up the dog's feed bin. Annoying.

And thanks for the plaudit, you're very kind! And I wish there was a way for my diocese to be part of your setup. Maybe that will happen, please God, when the dust settles from the libs suing us.

LSP said...

Brig, you've inspired me -- carrots. Blue Steak Eater will be nonplussed for a moment and then accept his new weight loss reality. He'll be happier for it.

Sorry about those trucks; I'm no fan and wish they'd route them out of my rural haven industrial park. No foolin'.

lukeya said...

Robert Moses was your man Padre....look him up.

LSP said...

Thanks for the tip, Lukeya. I looked him up...