Saturday, August 12, 2017

Diocese of Kentucky Caught On Camera

Shocked cryptozoologists have captured video footage of the Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky, living under a trestle bridge in Louisville, near an abandoned church.

The frightening images came to light on game cameras as developers gained permission to build retail and office space on abandoned wasteland in the vicinity of the bridge. 

Planning Commission staff cited that a mix of commercial uses had been proposed "in a rural area where the scale is inappropriate for the surrounding large rural single family lots. The Diocese of Kentucky is part of folklore but has to move on."

Known locally as the Pope Lick Monster, the Diocese of Kentucky is not to be confused with the Anglo-Catholic movement but may be a species of hybrid.

The Diocese of Kentucky is an enthusiastic supporter of gay marriage and womyn priests. Diocesan Staff were not available for comment.



LL said...

Wow, how did they get John Podesta and Hillary Clinton to affiliate with the Diocese of Kentucky?

LSP said...

That, LL, is an excellent question.