Friday, June 23, 2017

Driven Insane

Pop legend superstar, Miley Cyrus, claims she's a genderless spirit who's no different than an animal. And I don't want to seem beastly or somehow dogmatic but I put it to you that there are good spirits and bad spirits.

In related news, a pregnant woman, Kaci Sullivan, insists she's a man. To be fair, Kaci doesn't look much like a woman although, like many women, she does “love seeing my baby grow inside of me.”

As a great philosopher once wrote, those whom the Gods would destroy, they first drive insane.

Make of that what you will.

Your Friend,



LL said...

Miley is very progressive. So is the pregnant dude.

LSP said...

I know it's hard to get your head around it, LL, but the "dude" is, in fact, a woman. Miley isn't, she's a genderless spirit animal. Then there's Hillary.

drjim said...

Has anybody ever determined exactly what Hillary is besides a scheming, corrupt, vile, lying, thieving, treasonous, sell-out?

LSP said...

Some say, drjim, that she's a reptilian shape-shifter.