Sunday, May 20, 2012

Liturgical Dance

southern orders
I know, this is mostly a gun and horse blog, but sometimes you need the exception to prove the rule. So here's some interpretive liturgical dance to brighten up your Sunday night. See if you can spot which ones are catholic and which ones aren't.

catholic or protestant?

Here's another.

a catholic?

And another!

a protestant?

Well, nothing like a good bit of liturgical dance to brighten up the evening,  I always think, especially combined with a healthy dose of poetry from the Episcopal Women's Caucus. This one's entitled "Sister Spirit" and it goes like this:

Sister Spirit
lift us up on angels wings
fill our
with hope
that we might respond to God's call
with joyful song and praise.
God bless us with your love,
this day
and every

Beautiful, isn't it.

The Episcopal Church is losing 50,000 members annually.

Keep dancing,



Silverfiddle said...

Why, why, must you subject your faithful readers to such rot?

I need a beer or a shot of whiskey now, and it's Monday morning!

OK, I do have to thank you for the good laugh I enjoy reading them.

Have a good week, Parson!

LSP said...

Sorry to drive you to the bottle, Silverfiddle, but they are amusing.

I especially like the "poetry".

But now it's time to put shotgun + 22 in truck and go off in search of wild dogs and rabbits. You never know -- might even get something!

Cheers, a good week to you too!

Infidel de Manahatta said...

I woke up this morning and felt a disturbance in the force. Sure enough, it was my liturgical dance warning system :)

LSP said...

Nothing like a good dose of liturgical dance to get the day rolling, Infidel.