Saturday, August 31, 2013

TEC Loses

Like the Shoes

The Texas Supreme Court ruled yesterday against the declining off-world gender advocacy group known as the Episcopal Church, or TEC for short. The Court's decision overturned a previous ruling, by Judge Chupp, ordering the traditionalist Diocese of Fort Worth, which left TEC in 2008, to turn over all it's property to the dwindling denomination. 

Yesterday's decision comes after nearly 5 years of litigation brought on by the Episcopal Church in its desperate bid to seize the departing dioceses' assets, and may spell an end to the small Church's use of the Hotel California Offense (HCO) and the We're Boss We Own You attack (WEBWOY). 

Not Allowed

According to the HCO, a diocese can check-in to the shrinking denomination but it can't check-out, because a church law known as the Dennis Canon states that all church property is automatically held in trust for TEC after a diocese joins the diminutive denomination. WEBWOY states that the numerically challenged Episcopal Church is hierarchical and therefore all church assets belong to it, that it's the Boss and owns everything.

However, the Texas Supreme Court decided that WEBWOY does not trump neutral principles of  law and that the HCO, based on the Dennis Canon, is  not admissible in Texas. The case now goes back to Judge Chupp for reconsideration and the Diocese of Fort Worth gets to keep its property pending a new ruling by Chupp. It also means that I don't get evicted from my house by the Church of Tolerance and Love.


So, much rejoicing in Fort Worth, wailing and gnashing of teeth in the moneyed corridors of TEC. You can read all about it on A.S. Haley's excellent Anglican Curmudgeon.




Adrienne said...

If you get evicted you can come live with us (bring the red shoes, please. ;-)

LSP said...

That's very kind of you, Adrienne, but I think we might win this one.

Adrienne said...

You could always mail me the shoes...

LSP said...

OK, I'll have a word with the wearer.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for the bonny blue flag that bears a single star!

LSP said...

Well said, Anon.

Third News said...

76A little homelessness couldn't hurt a priest; I keep snack food in my car for that purpose -make a mental note: add crisps and HobNobs to my stash. ;-)

Perspicaciously, this story of a homeless priest is fake but the sentiment isn't:

LSP said...

I enjoy a hobnob now and again. Thanks for the link.