Thursday, August 22, 2013

And so it Begins...

A Small Gar

I've always enjoyed fishing, a lot, but haven't made the time to do much of it. I've been correcting that bad omission in a concerted effort to become a better all 'round sportsman.

Random Lee

Good goal, eh? I like getting out on the water and seeing the fish glide by like submarines, or exploding up like fierce missiles. Then there's the prehistoric, living fossil Gars who surge up, inspect your bait, roll sideways to give you the beady pleistocene eye and surge off again in search of less threatening things. 

Rare Catch at the Tailrace

That's all good, it's even better when you actually catch something, and bask in that oddly self-satisfied "I've caught a fish!" sort of feeling. Well, it is very satisfying.

More on that later and with it, the mysterious Trinity river that flows through Dallas and North America's largest hardwood forest.

No Wedding Bells For Chelsea

In other news, a wedding photographer has been told by the state that she can't refuse to work a lesbian wedding. All in the name of tolerance. Nice. 

Fish on,



G. Tingey said...

Garfish are really tasty.
Ignore the way the bones turn green when cooked.
You can sometimes get the marine version over here - usually off Cornwall or S Wales

darlin said...

Well hello LSP, it's been a while since I've stopped by and reckon it's about time before I get immersed in studies once again.

Fishing, now that sounds like fun, as does shooting... with our hunting season starting up in just less than a month I'm going to try to sneak away and shoot something, with my camera. ;-) I sure hope my friend gets his elk this year, that's some good eating!

Have yourself a wonderful weekend LSP, take care and God bless.

LSP said...

Never tried the Gar, GT. They grow to enormous sizes in the rivers here, 7-8' is by no means unknown. Not sure what I'd do if I hooked such a thing... Haven't eaten them but I know people do.


LSP said...

Good to hear from you darlin.

Good luck with that camera shoot and the elk!