Thursday, August 29, 2013

Catch Fish, Welby Goes Gay!

1st Second of Forever

I was going to head off to "Slap Out" to ride but the plan changed. Instead of driving to Hubbard, where they're "slap out" of stuff, I drove towards Itasca and visited a parishioner with a stocked stock tank. The plan was simple, catch fish, LSP!


With this objective front and center of the mental HUD I drove across the fields to the tank, parked up under the shade of a tree and gazed at the water. There were fish there, I knew that. Blue Gill, Catfish, Bass. How to get them?


I decided on a twofold approach. Drop some bait for the cats under a slip bobber towards the center of the tank and cast with smallish lures with rod #2 while waiting for the cats to bite. The casting part of the plan worked pretty well, with 6 Bass striking the lures. 

Das Boot

Their favorite, interestingly, was a small white chatterbait with a silver grub, and without the skirt, turning it into a kind of jig. A "chatterjig" I suppose; whatever, the Bass loved it and I lost track and time of the bobber, which drifted gently to the shore without catching much except an early catfish.

How did you get here?

Now, the odd thing about this episode is that the tank is obviously rich in Bass but it was never stocked with them. A miracle, obviously. 

how very gay

In other news, old Etonian oil executive, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, has gone gay(er). You can read about it in the Telegraph. Welby, you'll note, has fish on his miter; he wasn't at the tank this afternoon.



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