Monday, June 25, 2012

Sporterizing the Lee Enfield -- Update

Mk. III 

I'm re-sporterizing several Lee Enfields, a No. 4 Mk. 1 and a III, to go along with an original, 'mil-spec' No. 4. I see three gun Enfield shoots on the horizon. But why go to all the effort of fixing up these old guns.

No. 4 Mk. 1 Sporter

Well, there's that old Lee Enfield magic, which every Lee enthusiast knows only too well. Also, I figured that for the price of a Walmart synth stock 30-06 I could have several custom, accurate, rifles with some history. But there's another reason. The project's a challenge, issued by my pal and yours, the Suburban Bushwacker. SBW got right down to it, "If anyone should be required, by law, to have a sporterized Lee Enfield, it's you, LSP."

Sand, Sand, Sand

I couldn't let that pass and the rest's history. Two Enfields later I'm about half way through the first. Metal's polished, military butt's rubbed and a new forestock's ordered (Boyds, walnut). Next step is inletting the barreled receiver, rust bluing the metal (I can do it "on porch" and want to learn the skill), re-crown muzzle, get new iron sights + optic mount and.. shoot the thing. I'm aiming for a classic, Lee Speed, type of thing. safari rifle on a budget.

WWI Carbine Mod

But what about the #4? I'm tempted towards a short barrel, WWI style carbine mod. It'd be easy to recreate and serve as a useful brush gun. Ten shots of hog-slaying ultra power, or whatever.

So. Next step in the project's finishing off the III.

Stay tuned and shoot straight.



G. Tingey said...

In re-energising old tools, such as a 50-year-old large "King Dick" adjustable spanner, I've found that a spray with WD-40, followed by a gentle scrub/polish using very fine grade "scotchbrite" padding is very good at removing surface rust, part-blueing the remainder, and polishing up the metal itself, without abrading much off the true metal surface.
I find your wood-filling techniques fascinating.

Borepatch said...

You know, I'd love to do the Mad Minute some day. I dare say that would be even more fun that three gun.

LSP said...

Thanks, GT.

Filling the grain in the wood means a lot of sanding and, er, patience. But the result's well worth it. I'll be posting more pics as the project moves ahead.

LSP said...

Ah Hah! Mad .303 minute(s). Good call, Borepatch.