Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It's rare that this small "kabob stand on the information superhighway" (thanks for that MCP) has anything good to say about the outgoing Archdruid of Canterbury. But that's changed, now. Rowan's apparently introduced several amendments into the Church of England's (COE) plan to turn women into bishops. The amendments would allow parishes to refuse the ministration of women priests and bishops as well as anyone "ordained" by a woman bishop. 

Leaving aside the ecclesiology of the thing, it seems as though Williams is trying to respect the consciences of Anglo-Catholic and Evangelical trads. He's doing his best, you see, to keep the Big Tent together. Fair play, Rowan, even if the effort's doomed to failure. But whatever, the Druid's moves have got the Libs spluttering with rage:

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One member of Women and the Church, who lobby for feminism in the COE, stated that she was "barely able to speak" for anger and disapointment. But that's nothing, another "senior figure" stated:
"I cannot tell you what I think now about Rowan Williams doing this. I cannot imagine what he thinks he is doing. Either the bishops do not understand what they have done, or they don't care. It is quite unbelievable. I am just so seething. I look at the Church and think, 'why do I still belong?' "
Yes, why do you still belong? And were you ever a part of it anyway? 

All that and more to say nothing of your outrage over two middle of the road concessions to traditionalists when the COE is in a mild-mannered death-slide, Europe's economy and by extension the world's, is about to go Deathstar, the Mid-East could blow up at any moment, Japan's about to irradiate the Pacific Ocean and California, maybe no loss but hey, and there won't be any people for your priestesses to attack because we're aborting all our children. 

So go ahead, apostates, wail and gnash your teeth. Just don't be too surprised if, in the end, anyone's paying too much attention.

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Silverfiddle said...

You ride with an English saddle?

LSP said...

I do, though the last few months have been Western. I like both and while people say there's more skill in the English set up, well, good riding is good riding. Not that I'm an expert -- I just like a good gallop over the fields, mostly.

Mattexian said...

I wonder if you caught any of the commentary from Maureen Fiedler (feminist activist and host of public radio's "Interfaith Voices"), when she was on CBS Morning Show last week (I want to say on Thursday), remarking about the recent feminist uprising (for lack of a better term) in the Catholic Church, especially in regards to the gubmint's insurance mandate of "birth control" coverage. She acted like the fact that many Catholics personally practice some type of birth control makes it OK for gubmint to require the Church pay for it for their employees. I guess in her mind, we should scratch out that pesky "Thou shalt not commit adultery" Commandment, since so many self-proclaimed Christians have trouble following that too.

LSP said...

I saw that, Mattexian. MF's deploying the old "rank and file catholics want and use birth control, so the hierarchy should just roll over and die" stratagem.

But the ploy doesn't seem to have gained much traction. Not least because the bishops are solidly united against the mandate and most laity, regardless of practice, don't want the Whitehouse ordering the Church about. The same goes for catholic schools -- even liberal Notre Dame has signed on against the HHS.

So the "feminist uprising" hasn't really happened. Interesting to note that its primary locus, the grey haired and shrinking women 'religious' have been disciplined by Rome. Not that that really matters in the long term because they're dying out pretty rapidly.

I like the adultery point.