Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dog Gun Cash

I enjoyed Sunday's shoot so much that I had to do it all over again on Monday. Slight change of firearms -- .45 ACP got into the mix and we spent a little time dialing in GWB's scope to x ring standard. I like that Featherweight. Jeb had fun too.
Get rid of the recoil pad - GWB.
But I couldn't help but notice that the Market has surged, perhaps due to the trillions of dollars liquidity pumped into the beast lately.
no-one gets out of here alive
ZeroHedge guest Tim Price had this to say:

"The modern, debt-based economy requires constant economic expansion if only to service all that debt. So what happens when the modern economy goes ex-growth and stops expanding? Iceland already found out. Greece is in the process of discovering. But we will all get a chance to participate in this lesson. Runaway fiscal and monetary stimulus throughout the western economies is in the process of destroying the concept of creditworthiness at the centre of the modern monetary system."

Cash your paychecks, chaps.


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