Monday, February 6, 2012

Buy The Cider!

My old boss, MCP, poacher turned gamekeeper turned poacher again, left the high pressure lifestyle of corporate IT and guerrilla marketing for "Big Blue" to set up as a mole catcher. I promised to support his new campaign, so I am. You will notice the words "free," "offer" and "perfect." They are emblematic.

Here's an excerpt from the Moler's website:

"Until recently the traditional mole catcher had nearly disappeared. However, due to a trend to milder winters and the withdrawal of strychnine, the mole population has exploded. Trapping them is back in vogue. Old methods -- using modern traps -- has seen the return of the mole catcher once more stalking the land."

Son of the Soil
Help this man. Please. Buy the Cider.



Adrienne said...

OMGosh - where did you get that picture of me out with my flags and shovel? I am the queen of baiting (I don't use traps for safety reasons) pocket gopher tunnels.

I use a long BBQ skewer to locate the tunnel (an art form), take one large scoop to open tunnel (a three way intersection is a cause for rejoicing), place the bait, and carefully cover the hole back up with the large plug I removed(can't have soil falling in the tunnel and diverting their attention from the luscious "food" I've left for them.) A flag (color of the day) is stuck there so I can check for future activity.

I do all my closer in property and all of Father Bill's (my pastor until he retired. You get extra time off purgatory for exterminating a priest's pocket gophers, doncha know?) property next door.

LSP said...

Adrienne, you must email the Moler and express support/swap tips.

Time off purgatory? Well deserved.

Adrienne said...

If I had the extra $$$ - this is what I'd use...

Seriously - watch this. The company hails from Boise in my home state of Idaho. I actually considered getting one and setting up shop. I'm getting a bit old to be crawling around digging holes.

I will contact the mole guy. We have lots to discuss.

LSP said...

The Rodinator looks awesome. Save up and get one!

You'll like the Moler -- a good man.