Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!


Nothing quite like a picture of a 'Clown Mass' to brighten up the day. I think the above liturgical genius was staged at Holy Trinity Wall Street, where there's 'more money than a trainload of Nazi gold' and an unhealthy interest in clowning.

Stand firm against the evil clowns and don't forget to honour your Mothers.




Adrienne said...

With Bishop Salvatore Cordileone in Oakland now, I doubt we'll be seeing any more clown Masses there.

Teresa said...

Wishing a Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. God Bless, LSP!

All Seeing Eye said...

Thank mother (tick)

Hide from spooky clowns (tick)

Standard day in the life, really...

LSP said...

That is very good news, Adrienne.

God bless Teresa!

Glad you managed to avoid the scary clowns, ASE. The stuff of nightmares.

darlin said...

LSP, I tried the link and it's been removed by author unfortunately. Have a fantastic week and God bless and be with you... and the clowns. :-)

LSP said...

Thanks Darlin - try that link again, it seems to work.

God bless.

darlin said...

Thank you LSP, I tried the link again and I'm getting the same message "This link has been removed by the author." Maybe I can't get it here for whatever reason which is odd but sometimes it works that way. The music I used to play on my blog is no longer available to Canadians, why I have no clue but oh well such is life.

Have a wonderful day!

VS said...

I've been afraid of clowns since my first encounter at age 3 at a circus. Just what/who is under all that makeup?