Friday, May 6, 2011

Bearded Goof.

Some people aren't very happy about the OBL's recent send-off to the land of "dark-eyed houris", including the drearily predictable Rowan Williams, leader of the worldwide Anglican non-Communion. He's "uncomfortable" with SEAL Team 6 and their version of justice.

"I don't know full details any more than anyone else does, but I do believe that in such circumstances... it is important that justice is seen to be observed."

"Justice observed"? Do you mean to say that perhaps it wasn't?
Christina Odone sums it up neatly in the Telegraph, "Archbishop Williams... is dead wrong."

So was OBL, but in the meanwhile, the excellent Anglican Samizdat recommends "Devgru" take Rowan along  as an embedded tactical adviser on future missions.

I'll leave that disturbing scenario to your imaginations.




Silverfiddle said...

I keep waiting for bats to fly out of that guy's ears...

LL said...

I say that the navy should take the wingnut along and kick him out the door of the helicopter about 5 miles from land. If God is with him, he'll walk back. Otherwise, he'll wash up on shore...eventually. maybe.

The Conservative Lady said...

OBL got a 45 minute Muslim funeral held by the US Navy and a respectful burial at sea. Can't say that about any of the thousands of people that monster is responsible for murdering. I'm glad he's dead and I thank our wonderful Military for a job well done. As for the way the Obama Administration is handling the situation after the fact, well that is embarrassing to say the least. Every hour the story changes.

LSP said...

Just look closely enough, Silverfiddle...

That is a very good good test, LL; will Cantaur walk, sink, or swim? My money's on the @nd possible outcome.

"I thank our military..." couldn't agree more, CL.

Curious PR mess from the Administration.

greg tingey said...

Sorry, but IF you are a christian, Williams' position is correct, no matter how uncomfortable it seems.

You are suposed to "FORGIVE your deadly enemies, remember?

It's stupid , of course, but that is another (secular, non-religious but ethical & philosophical) story, isn't it?

LSP said...

Thanks for that, Tingey. But I'm confused, where does Williams mention forgiveness?