Monday, April 16, 2018

Tarmac Deal

Do you remember AG Lorretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac? It was all about golf and grandkids, right?

Nothing to do with Hillary's troublesome email issues or even her election as President. Or Lynch's future position in Hillary's administration.

That would be ridiculous. No upcoming slots on SCOTUS or anything like that. Well, it didn't happen but that doesn't mean we shouldn't...


Trust the Plan? Certainly not Hillary's and is there a video out there via Tor? I wouldn't know.



LL said...

Things didn't work out the way Loretta hoped they would. No Clinton Presidency, no pay-off for skulduggery.

I can't imagine what a Hillary Clinton presidency would have been like. The media loved Her, but she would have ruined the country completely on the heels of the 8 miserable years of Obamanation.

Jim said...

Still another bullet we dodged.

LSP said...

I totally agree, LL.

LSP said...

Thank God for that, Jim.