Sunday, April 29, 2018

Beat The Drum

What kind of countryman are you, so-called LSP? All you do is post creepy photos of Barbie dolls dressed up like wimmyn priests.

Hey, I get your dissatisfaction. So to put things straight I put a couple of rods in the pickup and headed for water. Intuition and experience said try the other side of the dam, and that's exactly what happened. 

It was deserted and the river flowed clear. So clear, in fact, that you could see that there weren't any fish apart from a small posse of Carp, guarding the spillway entrance to the once mighty Brazos. Therein lies another tale, but undaunted I set up on the empty grid of the pier and cast off with worms and carp bait.

Within seconds something was tugging at the juicy worm/strawberry dough bait combo. Nice, then out pulled the line  with that steady, mindless-hunger, piscine determination and I snapped the rod up to set the hook. Action! 

Only to pull the hook up through empty water. What was this, a fish without parts that didn't occupy space? No, just a Gar who sensibly dropped the enticing strawberry chummed worm.

Knowing that persistence in the face of adversity is key, I cast off again, expecting nothing but hoping for everything. And there it was, a tug, a dive and fish on in the form of a voracious little Black Drum. I hauled him in.

Next, a decent sized Bluegill; up you come, predator, and back you go to fight again another day. And this little menace was followed by another Drum. Then something big hit the line. 

BOOM. One minute you're waiting there on the pier, looking out over Texas and the fabled Brazos, and the next? Something's charged into the hook like a Trump Train on full loco. Rod double, drag out, fast and furious action. Then up came the fish.

It was a big 'un too, no foolin', and a larger  adversary hit the line at the end of the expedition. Big action from a big fish, which annoyingly snapped the 12Ib test as I brought it up, defeated. 

Then it was time to head back to the Compound, under the light of a shining moon.

Fish on,



LL said...

You need stronger line...and the movie JAWS came to mind and the words, "I think that we're going to need a bigger boat". The saga of the big one that got away is as old as fishing itself. It provides mighty incentive to return and test your skill against Old Grandad once again.

LSP said...

It was most definitely a big fish, LL, and the problem lies in bringing the monster up to the pier.

That said, the line was already weakenned by the first leviathan.

Maybe I need a boat?

Adrienne said...

It's comforting to know that we stood outside looking at the very same moon on the very same night. Good fishing, LSP.

LindaG said...

Haha. The fish was following your "persistence in the face of adversity".
Still, you had good luck. :-)
Hope you all have a blessed week, Parson.

LSP said...

It was a remarkable moon, Adrienne. My camera wasn't up to the task!

LSP said...

I'd been striking out a bit too much lately, Linda, so it was neat to see things turn 'round.

Fish on.