Monday, March 19, 2018


Hey, this is only a random music blog and we're hoping you'll enjoy Iron Horse's version of Rocketman. Maybe it'll relieve your baffled consternation over McCabe March Madness or wonderment at Mueller's ongoing investigation; it continues, despite no evidence whatsoever that Trump worked with the Russians to defeat Hillary.

Baffling, isn't it. 


Unlike joining the Illuminati, which is simple. Go to Houston's rodeo, thread your way through the crowds, ninja-style, and arrive at the Sling Shot.

Lock Her Up

Then ascend like a master to the heavens and get struck by lightning. Presto, illumination. Use that inner light to lock Hillary up, along with all the rest of her corrupt crew of deep state clowns.

We're working on it.



LL said...

Mueller and Comey were the "deep state" operatives who were going to insure that the illuminati candidate (who stole the primary election from Sanders)would win. Who thought that there was somebody so corrupt and incompetent that all their machinations would become transparent to the 307 electoral college worth of votes? Barack himself said, "I can tell you one thing. Donald Trump will never be President of the United States." Ooops.

Barrack colluded with the Russians on an open microphone. Hillary hit the reset button with Russia. Trump had nothing to do with any of that -- but the "deep state" needed something. So IT (RINOS and Dems) made up the absurd Russia story and it's sticking to the lie.

drjim said...

And even as it unravels, they keep patching it up and trotting it back out.....

Jules said...

LOVE it!

LSP said...

They've definitely cracked the code, Juliette.

LSP said...

Don't they just, drjim. Lock her up.

LSP said...

LL, perfectly put. I think it may call for a KNIFE.