Monday, February 19, 2018

Melania Mondays! President's Day

Reeling from the vision of Justin Trudeau's remarkably gay socks, readers are clamoring for something uplifting, which is why we're bringing you another episode in the popular series, Melania Mondays!

Described as "an angel in white," Melania visited victims and medical staff at a Florida hospital, two days after last week's tragic shooting.

Unsurprisingly, people suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) lost no time in blasting America's popular and glamorous First Lady for smiling alongside injured students and their carers, as well as tweeting that "everyone should test the power of kindness."

"Kindness, you seriously must be joking, you took advantage of a school shooting for a photo op. You didn't travel together because he cheated on you but you showed up at the hospital," ripped one unkind TDS victim on Twitter.

Others were even more deranged, accusing Melania's husband of "cheating #AlternativeFacts spewing" and racism.

Hold on, haters, are you living in opposite land? What's wrong with the First Lady and President cheering up people in hospital and encouraging kindness? Get back on your meds and turn that deranged frown upside down.

After visiting the hospital, Melania and the President hosted a party at their Mar-a-Lago resort, where they were photographed sitting together affectionately. 

The lying, corrupt, elite, smug, insinuating, pugnacious, venal, sly, failing mainstream media has consistently claimed that Melania's marriage to Donald Trump is a sham. Perhaps that's why she looks so miserable sitting next to him, except that she doesn't.

Well done Melania for doing your bit to make America great again. Have an outstanding President's Day.




LindaG said...

The never Trumpers are truly annoying.
I must remember to pray for them.

Thank you for the photos and post. God bless America!

LL said...

I received a form, batch-mailed letter from George Will of all people. He's right up there with John Kasich and Jeb! in his hatred of President Trump. The letter encouraged me to oppose President Trump and having done my research, he got my name from the Joe Biden mailing list. Isn't it interesting what waters those scumbags swim in?

Melania is doing her bit to MAGA, and is the most elegant of all First Ladies.

KPH said...

May God bless our beautiful and gracious First Lady..who is doing all in her power to make America beautiful again!

Jules said...

What a fabulous cat suit!

LSP said...

Jules, I have to agree!

LSP said...

That's a very good prayer, KPH.

LSP said...

That's interesting, LL. Sounds as though they're all playing for the same team... but speaking of players, I've always thought that Kasich sounds like a take out -- "I'll have a double kasich, hold the tomato, and a large Jeb!" type of thing.

LSP said...

Thanks, Linda. God bless!