Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Listen Up, Preachers

Check this out, all you sermonizers, a blast from the hallowed halls of academe and DLJ:

Let us face the obvious. You do not get faith in language much beyond the point where you have lost the language of faith. By allowing words whose primary meaning is anchored in Scripture to be de-natured by worldly abuse, we have gotten into a swamp from which there can be no exit without first retracing our steps. We live in a world of babble, what Richard Rorty once called “incommensurable discourse,” a linguistic anarchy which has, contra Rorty, proven insufficiently therapeutic to ward off social calamity. To restore sanity we will need to recognize, as Jewish philosopher Emmanuel Levinas puts it, that in the end there can be no intelligibility without transcendence. A corollary of this axiom is that there can be no sustained morality without ontology, just as there can be no Christian understanding without a diligent and faithful preaching of the Word of God, straight up, no fizz and no ice.

I'd say that was outstanding. You can read the whole thing here

Don't say Djinn Fizz.

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LL said...

From my admittedly small perspective, it's not so much about the specific language that is used - which has been malleable for a long time - take the different accounts of the flood, embedded in Genesis.
40 days/nights GEN 7:17 150 days GEN 7:24
Noah sends a dove GEN 8:8 Noah sends a raven GEN 8:7

We can argue how many angels can dance on the head of a pin endlessly and in the end, you say four and I say five.

The Anglican Archbishopric supports Satanic principles and does not love God. It mocks God - almost on a daily basis as you, yourself have pointed out on your blog - and we've discussed it in person. They embrace homosexuality, transgenderism and ordain bishops who engage in these unholy and impure practices and encourage the flock to follow along. Is it any wonder that WANC has a difficult time retaining moral authority to a congregation which in the main want to draw closer to Christ and not distance themselves further? The attendance problem becomes having high priests of Baal calling the shots from the top. Or that's the way it seems to me an outsider.

I'm not taking a shot at those kind, loving, tireless people who try to bring others to Christ - but there's a lot of double dealing at the top. It's like having Hillary as a president.

LSP said...

I know what you mean, LL, arguing about non-essentials is pretty fruitless. But have a look at Jeffrey's full article. He's making the case for a return to speaking the truth about the Word which is Truth, as opposed to the sneaky semantic skulduggery of the libs.

Is the WANC run by trans Mantids? Good question and let the record show, Baphomet is trans. I don't see how that augurs well for Justsin and the Club of Baal.

Please, someone, anyone, lock her up.