Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Brussels Train Jihad

The world stands by in mute wonderment as yet another member of the Religion of Peace goes full Jihad and tries to murder men, women and children by blowing himself up, this time in a crowded train station.

What drove this man to blow himself up in Brussels' central station? Was it Islamophobia, Climate Change, the secular materialism of the West which paid him welfare? Surely it couldn't have been anything to do with, you know, Islam, because that's so peaceful. 

Tell that tired old lie to the people Mohammed slaughtered and enslaved but you can't, they've been dead for centuries. His cult, on the other hand, is alive and well and doing what it's always done; looks like Brussels got lucky this time. Maybe next time it won't.

In the meanwhile, I present you with this powerful infovideo of a train.

Armored battle trains aside, how should we deal with the Jihad? Some security experts recommend state sponsored DrawMo competitions. Then, when the head-chopping savages turn up to emulate their head-chopping founder, they'll find designated marksmen waiting for them. 

Problem? Solution.



LindaG said...

Works for me.

LL said...

Drawing pictures of Mohammed (then judging them and awarding prizes of a whole frozen hawg or something else appropriate) is a peaceful thing to do. What could be more peaceful?

If anyone intrudes on that peace with the likely intention of going full Kathy Griffin on them, naturally can be subject to a headshot. Target practice for fun and profit (the State of Texas needs to issue a bounty on jihadis - dead or alive).

LSP said...

It worked well in Texas, Linda.

LSP said...

LL, you're right. If anyone goes "Full Kathy" they deserve all that's coming to 'em.