Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Need Bullets, Hillary's Totally innocent

I need more ammo

There's been precious little about shooting on this site lately because ammo prices have gone through the roof, if you can get any at all, which is difficult. Vicious rumors that the DHS is busy doing an end run around the 2nd Amendment are baseless and entirely without foundation. And Hillary Clinton is innocent. Very innocent. Here's a picture of her, looking innocent.

I'm so angry that you think I'm not innocent!!

Here's another.

I'm thiiiiis innocent!

And another!

Whaddya mean I'm not innocent!!

And what's this?

I'm so very bored of you thinking I'm not innocent.

Have a blessed Feast of the Ascension.



the Egyptian said...

Quote Bill Clinton

I did not have sex with THAT woman


ice queen,don't blame him either, gag

LSP said...

But, but, but Egyptian, she's innocent! Entirely and totally INNOCENT.

Then there's Bill Clinton.