Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Thinking that the time has come to start .22 pistol shooting because I can't afford to take the .45 out half as often as I'd like. To remedy the situation I borrowed a friend's Iver Johnson, which hadn't been cleaned in several lifetimes and stripped it down. Looking forward to shooting it on Friday, but think I'd better invest in a Ruger .22 LR. Not too expensive and good.

Planning to try out this .38 Special too, which will be interesting for me because I'm new to revolvers. I think it wouldn't take much to persuade me of their great importance and worth...

Can't have too many guns.



jenny said...

Pure curiosity... at last count, how many guns DO you own??? :) Is it like ice cream? you know, like some days you just prefer one flavor over the others, so you've got to have several on hand?
I'm a bit that way with cameras, though they've been collecting dust since I betrayed all that is good and holy and got a digital one a few years back.

LSP said...

Can't have too many guns.

But yes, must have several "on hand", just in case.

dig cams -- way of the future!