Saturday, December 3, 2022



Lo and behold, shock, gasp, horror! Turns out that Twitter worked hand in glove with the DNC to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, push the phony Russian collusion hoax, ban conservative voices and basically be an online agitprop arm of the Democrat party, not least in an election year. 

Nothing we didn't know already but thanks, Elon, for taking out the dirty laundry and making leftist heads explode all over the planet. How dare he! Well it seems that he has and more power to him, expose all the corrupt mendacity you can.


In similar news, Brazilians and their military don't seem too keen on the latest election steal, the Chinese are revolting against their benevolent rulers and Dutch farmers aren't too happy about their farms being seized in the name of Green. Go figure.




Well Seasoned Fool said...

Mere set backs for the army of Satan. As yet, He who will defeat him hasn't, to our knowledge, entered the battlefield.

Anonymous said...

The British Royal couple were pushing the climate change scam in Boston this week. Looks like they, too, work for the dark side!

LL said...

Elon is the ghost in the machine for the progressive left.