Thursday, March 7, 2019

Do These Guns Work?

The weather finally cleared so I loaded up the truck with guns and headed to the range on a simple mission. To see if three deadly assault rifles still worked.

Big Green & Little Black

To find out, I set up two silhouettes, Big Green and Little Black, then got down to business at 50 yards to test a 100 yard zero. First things first, a lightweight carbine took out Big Green in the X ring with a decent little group and a better second one. 

X Ring

The rounds weren't touching but not bad for a red dot and a rusty gunman, the weapon was on. Next up, a rifle in the same caliber, topped off with an inexpensive Primary Arms optic (ACSS 1-6x24). 

It Still Works!

I was afraid the scope was off and wasn't expecting much but it worked just fine, producing a couple of decent groups on the twin terrorists, Big Green and Little Black. Take that, paper extremists.

Little Black

Then things shifted up a gear with an Aero Precision rifle chambered for 7.62. After a couple of rubbish shots I settled down and was pleased to see 3 or 4 rounds go pretty much through the same hole. Then I ran out of 7.62 and called it a day, pleased with the result. Well done, guns, you work.


And that was that. It's a neat place to shoot, with targets set up at 100 yards, a couple of benches, some steel plates and a small shooting house, which is on its roof at the moment thanks to a tornado. 

The Range

There it is, just you, the guns and the country. I like that a lot, there's a freedom in it.

Gun rights,



RHT447 said...

Well done. Blue painter's tape for target pasters. Great minds think alike.

Thankfully, we are not in Hawaii--

Perhaps it is time for the goddess Pele to awaken.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I had first heard of Aero only a few days ago, with a number of different commenters on FB recommending them.
Then your endorsement.
As for your effort, Job Well Done!

Jim said...

Good times. I hope to get to the range this weekend as well. The temperature will be okay, but there's still more rain in the forecast. Oh well.
+1 on Aero. Their M4E1 is my favorite stripped lower. Flared mag well and two less roll pins to knock in.

LL said...

Good shooting, LSP.

I miss the range at the compound.

RHT447 said...

Another +1 for Aero. There stuff is excellent, and I just like the fact that the do everything in house, starting with molten aluminum.

Here is some more AR goodness. Obviously this guy's game is NRA highpower rifle. It was my game at well (got my Master rating in 1990). There are a number of very good articles on his site that are PDF and free to download.

RHT447 said...

*Their stuff

Need more coffee.

Adrienne said...

With shooting like that I'd sure want you on my team!

LSP said...

Thanks for the links, RHT. I read SCR42 and Pele obviously needs to make a comeback but maybe we should welcome their posturing gun grab and attack on the 2nd Amendment. It galvanizes the base and helps show what's at stake. Still, no room for complacency. Neat looking book/site too.

And for sure, blue tape's important, along with paper plates and post it notes. I'm partial to old cell phones too, but that's just me.

LSP said...

Thanks, Ed. I hadn't been out in a while and wondered if I'd hit anything,but shot alright for the most part.

Have a look at Aero, I'm pleased with the 7.62. Heavy though.

LSP said...

Have fun with the guns, Jim!

LSP said...

Adrienne, it was a good day!

LSP said...

Thanks, LL. We had fun that day and I especially enjoyed the .460 Magnum action, not that the Python was anything to scoff at either, beautiful revolver.

Let's head out there next time you're around.

LL said...

The rain at the White Wolf Mine is giving way to snow now. Snow in Arizona in March. Soon there will be Yetis running around - great target practice, and they taste like chicken (according to myth).

Kid said...

Glad everything is working. Don't have an AR type rifle yet, but thinking about it. Prices are probably up with all the talk of 'gun control'.

Out near Phoenix, we had a spot in the desert shaped like a 4/5s round tall bowl that was a perfect backstop. I liked that because I like to shoot 'stuff'. Water jugs full of water, cans, engine blocks, Marvin Gay album covers pre-perforated by a shotgun at distance and left as a momento. Really.

Had a Dan Wesson 357 mag that I later sold. Very accurate and fun. My next weapon may be the S&W model 29.

LSP said...

LL, I think I need to invest in a 45/70 and get on those Yetis.

LSP said...

Sounds like my kind of range, Kid. Had fun last month with my youngest boy who was visiting from Canada. We hurled coke cans in the air and blasted them with a 20. Big fun.

And I don't own one but I've like the Dan Wesson's I've shot. Great guns and accurate as you like and then some. Like S&W too.

Chas S. Clifton said...

You RAN OUT of 7.62. You just lost your prepper cred right there :)

LSP said...

Chas, you got me there, bang to rights.