Friday, March 29, 2013

Country Life, Horsing About

I love Texas

There's been a bit here about God, guns and church but not much  about country life. Lately that mostly means climbing into the pickup and driving off to ride JB. I've been careful on her, not asking for too much all at once, because she hadn't been ridden for a awhile. 

rocky paths

So we've been practicing the slower gaits, walk, trot. Fine, I thought, she's doing well enough at those, nicely cadenced, attentive, I'll ask for a canter. Nothing that JB hadn't done many hundreds of times before. Easy. No. Not easy. 

bad mischief

The horse decided that was a perfect opportunity to perform a neat sideways up in the air buck. I stayed on, fortunately, and she was very nearly sent back from whence she came, harming no one... Happily for all concerned, the animal redeemed herself the following week with a decent controlled canter; I must start galloping her again. A whole lot of fun and fast as you like.

Norma's Car Park. Result!

Still, bearing in mind the time I have to ride, I'd like a horse that wasn't such a project animal and it'd be good to have another creature in case anyone else wanted to ride. Two's company, sort of thing. Maybe a Foundation Quarter Horse gelding? Trained for trails? Well, we'll see.

nice shades, LSP

In the meanwhile, here's one of my parishioners riding her horse Randy around a barrel. Verdict? Outstanding.

TM on Randy, outstanding

I've been fortunate enough to ride Randy in the arena and fear I charged about foolishly. Beautiful horse and a joy to ride. 

Ride on,



Adrienne said...

May I suggest Westphalia Ranch? The owner is a blogger buddy of mine (Hardnox at Nox and Friends.) That's his picture on the home page of his website. He is a kind and gentle man...

LSP said...

Thanks for the link, Adrienne. Great looking operation; I'll probably have to go local though.

God bless.