Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Horse Lost

Legalize it

I was afraid that yesterday's bucking incident was prophetic; just as JB failed to unseat her rider so too did America fail to rid herself of her Imperial Ruler. He stuck to the seat of power like magic velcro! But enough of the strained equestrian metaphor, let's get down to business.

Colorado votes Obama

The Market has tanked.

mindless drug people

Colorado has legalized pot.


Athens riots.

Good luck, America. Four more years of the same team who brought you 8% unemployment, $16 trillion in debt and counting, and a murdered Ambassador in Libya.

But don't worry, higher taxes will mean we're all better off.



Silverfiddle said...

Well, at least the pot will help the Obama-style statism go down easier...

LSP said...

True, Silverfiddle. But then their "weed" will get taxed by the "Man" and they won't be so happy then. Well, the turkeys keep insisting on voting for Christmas.

lukeya said...

Or actually things might just get better...and it might have almost nothing to do with what the Government may or may not do..consumer confidence might just gradually recover. Still as most middle income Americans have ahad a standard of living that is static or in slight decline in real terms for nearly 30 years it might not..

Good luck guys, we're all hoping the USA will do well, because if you don't we sure as hell won't either.

LSP said...

They might, Lukeya and I sure hope they do, for all our sakes.

I'd like to think we won't have to press the proverbial reset button, but I'm not quite sure how that can be avoided. But hey, I'm just a simple country parson instead of an economist, thank God.