Friday, November 30, 2012

I Hate Strip Malls

our new town center

In the olden days, when the Cause was living memory, the trains went to Hillsboro and business flourished in the center of town. Then things changed. Passenger rail went out of style as people took to the highways in their motors and business moved out of town, leaving it a hollowed out, semi-derelict wreck.

another town the yankees wrecked

But look, all's not lost! We have a new town center, sprung up strip mall style on either bank of I35. That's going out of business too.

the old station, now a "visitors bureau" whatever that is.

I like to escape our merry little rural dystopia by driving out of town a short way to see my horse and go for a ride, preferably at great speed.

Powerful therapy and, you never know, maybe a useful skill.

Happy Feast of St. Andrew. 



Adrienne said...

One of the things I miss most from my youth was going "downtown" to shop (and taking the streetcar to get there.)

LSP said...

That's all changed, and for the worse, I'd say. There's plans to bring some streetcar lines back into action in Dallas, though. I look forward to that.

lukeya said...

Padre - have you not already enjoyed the extensive Light Rail system - DART. Expertly crafted by Texans, largely with their own cash and a very fine job they have made of it too. There will also be some streetcars and Huston is getting a French/German style supertram system. rejoice....all hope is not lost.

God save the Queen.

LSP said...

Thanks for that, Lukeya. Uplifting.

I used to travel on DART trains years ago and felt it wasn't a bad system, though very much "park and ride"...

Should get a streetcar setup near the Dallas compound. Right handy for the local restaurants and "pubs." Wish they'd get a move on with that.

God save the Queen.