Friday, August 3, 2012


There is no truth whatsoever in any of the malicious rumours that British, French and American special forces are supporting Al-Qaeda Jihadists in Syria. Neither is Mossad, or Blackwater, and even if they were, which they probably aren't, it's humanitarian, right?

Some people speculate, foolishly, that the West, along with "terrorist paymasters" Saudi Arabia and Qatar, has an interest in securing territory on the border of Iran. But nothing could be further than the truth; all we want to do is take down the brutal Assadian police state and replace it with peace loving Islamists.

Alpha Dog

Forgive the sarcasm, but there's something badly unsettling about the thought of our soldiers training their Islamic enemies, to say nothing of innocent men, women and children being killed and tortured in a civil war in which neither side appears to have anything like ethical ascendance. The solution?

Toy Dog

Alpha Dog moves ships, arms and men into Russia's naval base at Tartus, not-so-covert ops  continue under the aegis of Barry and David "Toy Dog" Cameron, Mossad conjures with the all too real threat of an Iranian 12th Imam, and the world moves ever closer to yet another war in the Middle East.


Don't get me wrong, I support our troops, I support Israel, and like the fearsome Chesterbelloc I support the West and the Faith, but none of this looks good to me.

Both Alpha Dog and Barry have peace prizes, Toy Dog is an old Etonian. 

Make of that what you will.



Teresa said...

Maybe we should stop interfering with certain conflicts in the Middle East? This is a no-win no-win situation.

Silverfiddle said...

Assad's fall would at least cut off Iran from their clients in the Levant, but then it opens a new can of jihadis worms, doesn't it?

We have our own oil and gas now. What are we doing still mucking around over there?

LSP said...

Perhaps we should, Teresa, but at the very least, let's stop supporting Al Quaeda.

Good question, Silverfiddle.