Thursday, August 2, 2012

Putin is Alpha Dog?

Black belt

Vladimir Putin cheers on judo stars in London's Olympic games and has a black belt in the sport himself. Putin, who was chief spymaster in Russia's dreaded KGB, is also a horseman, a shooter, a diver and a concert pianist. Some fear that Putin is leading Russia into a new dark age of tyranny and despotism, others think that he is "Lord of Awesomeness" and the reincarnation of St. Paul.


Following a letter to the Times, signed by pop luminaries such as Jarvis "Menswear" Cocker, Putin has urged  leniency today for Pussy Riot, an all girl punk band who face up to seven years in jail for inciting "religious hatred."


Putin is known in diplomatic circles as "Alpha Dog." Jarvis Cocker is known as "Menswear."

Barry with Alpha Dog

Then there's our leader, he used to go by "Barry." 

"Menswear" is a fan of "Barry," apparently.

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innominatus said...

My friend's brother is an FBI agent, and was part of Eric Holder's contingent of bodyguards when Holder traveled to Russia a couple months ago.

He said he was in the lobby of a posh Moscow hotel, and Putin just walked right in. No entourage, no bodyguards, just an unmistakable "DO NOT SCREW WITH ME" vibe.

I don't care much for Putin, but he is about as alpha as they come.

LSP said...

Good to hear from you, innominatus. I'd say Putin was pretty scary...

Third News said...

Putin is known in diplomatic circles as "Alpha Dog."

The Psychic Pastor(™)strikes again

Your August 3, 2012 'Syria' story could have been penned this month too; do they even need a postface?

LSP said...

Pretty Prescient, eh?