Thursday, December 22, 2011

Space Alien Flogs Dead Horse!

Space Alien
Celebrity Episcopalien, Rev. Susan Russell, well known gender politician, priestess and off-world activist, has hitched her Advent star to the dying hippy movement, "Occupy Wall Street." 

In a sermon on the final Sunday before Christmas, Russell stated, “[Occupy] is the kind of movement that we venerate in history, yet many who live comfortably fear it in the present. Occupy is no mere ‘protest.’ The brilliance of the movement is its refusal to be reduced to specific policy demands. Occupy remains an insatiable movement of liberating creativity, an irreducible process for generating justice."

Insatiable... liberating creativity?

You be the judge.



Sam said...

Haven't heard much from the Occupy Wall Stree crowd. I think it's gone. It never had any sort of real agenda. Just people complaining without showing any ways of "fixing" what they say was broken.

LSP said...

I think you're right Sam, they seem to have gone away.

Seems they just turned into trash-the-park-and-get-high deadbeats.