Wednesday, December 21, 2011

House Of Gold

As we prepare for Christmas and try to forget the impending fiscal maelstrom and the likelihood of a Deathstar Blockbuster Bonanza strike against Iran, our minds are drawn to the birth of Christ. It's easy, perhaps, for Christians who focus on the transcendent glory of the Word made Flesh to forget the tenderness and intimacy of the event; to say nothing of the Cross and Passion which the Incarnation unfolds into. Austin Farrer holds all aspects together. In The Crown of the Year he writes:

“WHEN Mary laid Jesus Christ upon her knees, when she searched him with her eyes, when she fed him at the breast, she did not study to love him because she ought, she loved him because he was dear: he was her Son. His conception had been supernatural, perplexing, affrighting; it had called for faith in the incomprehensible, and obedience beyond the limit of human power. His nativity was human and sweet, and the love with which she embraced it was a natural growth, inseparable from the thing she loved. She was blessed above all creatures, because she loved her Maker inevitably and by simple nature; even though it needed the sword - wounds of the Passion to teach her fully that it was her Maker whom she loved. The Son of Mary is the Son of all human kind; we embrace him with the love of our kind, that we may be led up with Mary to a love beyond kind, a selfless love for the supreme Goodness, when we too shall have climbed the ladder of the cross.”

I love that.



darlin said...

LSP, I can see why you love this piece, it is beautiful!

Wishing you a very happy and joyous holiday season, Merry Christmas LSP. May God be with you and bless you all throughout the New Year!

opsimath said...

That was beautiful and moving. Thank you for posting it for us, and may I wish you a Blessed Christmas, too.

LSP said...

Thanks Darlin. Farrer was a great theolgian and most would say a holy priest. His writing's well worth the effort.

Every blessing for a Merry Christmas!

LSP said...

Glad you liked it opsimath -- a blessed Christmas and new Year to you.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Have a blessed Christmas.

LSP said...

And with thy spirit, Infidel.