Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coyote, Hawk, Horse Gun

powerful LSP medicine

You'll have to forgive the lack of posts but things have been busy with the first two weeks of Lent and the attempt to get some penitential perspective on the business at hand.

camo jacket, now I'm invisible
Still, managed to have a go at the coyotes. Interesting result; got up early to make my stand at first light. Set up, hunkered down and called away (electronically), in a crosswind, upwind of a creek the dogs are running through. Did they come in?

JB and Bebop ready to go
No. Set off a few 'howls' and got a response - uphill and about a 1/4 of a mile away - along with lots of bellows from a herd of cows. The dogs had run uphill towards the bovines before I was in position, they weren't leaving those pastures for my "distressed rabbit", and who can blame them?

bad gelding

But the birds were listening, namely three hawks and a crow that answered the call and circled lazily overhead, looking for the hypothetical wounded bunny. They were neat to watch and it was good to see my call produced results, just not the ones I'd had in mind. So I went to another stand and called again, but then it was too late. No dogs...

But plenty of horses, which I rode. Excellent result.

Moral of the story? Get a better setup and try, try again - perseverance, you see.

God bless.



SBW said...

The Suburban Bushwacker has left a new comment on your post "Coyote, Hawk, Horse Gun":

Take a bunny and a camera next time, sounds like you could get some amazing snaps of the hawks feeding


LSP said...

Good idea SBW - I'll give it a go.


darlin said...

LSP you will get your coyotes with the perseverance you speak of. It sounds like it was a wonderful day nonetheless.

I like your invisible photo, I can't even see you! lol

Have a fantastic weekend LSP and God bless.

Silverfiddle said...

Sounds like the time I made the mistake of going turkey hunting in a too-crowded area. All I ended up calling in were some novice hunters.

LSP said...

Thanks Darlin - glad you like my neat invisibility device...

God bless.

LSP said...

Alright there Silverfiddle - I went out a little late; 1/2 hour earlier and the offenders might have been diverted from their run up to the cows.

Neat to see the hawks though and there's nothing wrong with an early morning 'nature walk'...