Thursday, December 16, 2010

Iron Horse, Real Horse

Iron Horse, Real Horse

Found myself scouting about the used car shops the other day, checking out 4x4 pick-ups, when I saw a chopper nonchalantly parked up in a place of its own. It reminded me of Nam, Chelt'Nam, that is, the town's bikers and, of course, "Iron Horse" by Motorhead. But all that was a very long time ago.

Now I get to go on a real horse and find myself returning to basics - spent the morning walking JB around obstacles and over ground poles, with special emphasis on circling to the right. She's forward now, so it seems time to concentrate on control, which'll make a good base for going very fast and jumping over things. That's my plan, anyway.

She managed three successive flying changes the other day; people tell me that's very impressive and it indicates high athletic potential on JB's part. I wish that I'd asked for them deliberately...

Stay on the horse,



Adrienne said...

Since I have no idea of what a flying change is, I'll have to take your word that it's impressive.

The most I learned about horses is when I worked for a vet. What I learned was I couldn't ever afford to have one.

Still thinking about chickens, though...

greg tingey said...

Oh dearie dearie me ... so wrong.
Try these two:

LSP said...

I couldn't afford it either Adrienne, but I have kind parishioners!

A flying change is when the horse changes leads between two strides at the canter.

Neighbours have chickens -- be warned, they're pretty noisy.

LSP said...

Great pics GT!

All in favour of the Steam Horse and Iron Road.

Nice one.