Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Sign

Some people might say that the above sign is a piece of gun-toting redneck badness. Others might think it greatness. I incline towards the latter.

Thanks, Tom, for the image.

Appointment with horse cancelled due to sleet (for goodness sake), so its back to the Book of Revelation and Austin Farrer. Farrer is genius and, to my mind, the greatest Anglican theologian of the twentieth century - there were several good ones back then.

If the sleet stops might venture out for a shoot.




tom said...

Glad you like it. Only cost me about 50 bucks to have a local sign company make me one like it for my fence.

Same folks that did my "Danger:The Dog Has A Gun And Refuses To Take His Anti-Psychotic Meds" sign. , they're in Austin and reasonable people to deal with, as I've been doing business with them in a not very web oriented way since they're local. They say my occasional perimeter fencing idea always gets a chuckle out of the production people.

Cheers and happy shooting,
BREN parts should be here any day!

Then we can play SMLE vs BREN and see which is faster to cycle :-) You can be pretty speedy with a SMLE bolt, after all, and BRENs have a relatively low cyclic.

LSP said...

Looking forward to the Bren/SMLE shootout!


darlin said...

I got a chuckle out of this sign, thank you for sharing it. My God has a sense of humor, he must I'm still here! I'm sure that God got a chuckle out of this as well!

God bless.

LSP said...

I thouht it was amusing!

Borepatch said...

That's simply awesome.

LSP said...

I thought it was inspired, Borepatch.