Monday, March 12, 2018

Kremlin Kollusion Fail

Put yourself in the other one's shoes and walk the extra mile. The Presidency is yours, it's like a given, virtually assured but you don't get it. Against all the odds, the pollsters and pundits, the ivory tower intellectuals and the media, against all of them, you lose and lose hard.

So what do you do? First, fly into a drunken rage and launch, spitting with rage and lacquered talons at Mook, but then, when the dust has settled over the Tanqueray, fall back on Plan B. 

That's right, attempt to excuse your dismal failure at the polls and reverse the election result by blaming it all on the Russians.

Heck, this thing has been running in the background for months. You've paid for a phony dossier, given it to your friends in the FBI, who've been wiretapping your opposition on the strength of it and, goddammit, it's ready to go public and morph into the Mueller investigation. 

All in the hope that you'll overturn an elected President and take his place, to become the most powerful woman in the world ever.

Call it a coup if you like and the media leaped right in. Everything and anything they didn't like became a Russian bot in what amounted to the strangest, most bizarre, faked-up, brazen bit of political spin narrative skulduggery since Baghdad Bob, and maybe worse.

Behold its genius. Turn conservative, nationalist populism against itself by, you guessed it, bringing back the Red Menace! That'll turn all those ignorant old-timey Repubilcan conservatives; President Trump isn't really the President because he's a Russian spy. So yes, he must be overthrown and replaced by... 

Hillary! Big drinks at K Street PR all 'round.

The only problem was there wasn't any evidence, it wasn't true, the Mueller probe was bogus from day one and now, at last, it's been called by the House Intel Committee. 

In the meanwhile, don't say Bengahzi, Uranium One, Haiti, Body Count, Spirit Cooking, FISA, Tarmac and a video waiting to be released.

And stay tuned for Melania Mondays!

E Pluribus,



LL said...

I'd rather look at Melania's face than Hillary's.

Jim said...

+1 to LL's comment. Why would Putin strive to help elect someone other than Hillary to the presidency anyhow? She's hardly been a model of competence.

The Egyptian said...

for those who would understand, first picture, "exterminate exterminate" looks like head Dalek.

or emperor Ming the merciless, if you are savvy enough

LSP said...

LL, I totally agree.

LSP said...

That's an excellent point, Jim. Lock her up, please.

LSP said...

Egyptian, I have three things to say.