Sunday, August 20, 2017

The West And Europe Reacts To Jihad Terror

Another day, another murderous atrocity by the religion of never-ending peace. How will we, the West and Europe, react?

Like a roomful of adorable rainbow ponies or with something stronger? A response that gets its head around the baffling concept that, you know, there might be a correlation between Mohammed's religion and the behavior of his followers.

Jihad Runs From Peace Signs

So far things look promising in Spain, where they've laid floral tributes and made a giant, living, candlelit peace sign. That'll stop the Jihad; Moslem fanatics run from flowers and peace signs every time.

Moslem Head-Choppers Don't Like Teddy Bears And Candles

They're doing well in Denmark too, with their new "hug a jihadi" program. ISIS quakes and who can blame them. After all, who wants to be hugged by a safe-space Dane? Terrifying.

A Typical CNN Dream Catcher

Of course here in America, CNN's busy getting to the root of the problem, which is clearly white supremacism, the Klu Klux Klan and statues of nineteenth century generals. Bye-bye Lee, bye-bye Jihad. And note this, there aren't any statues of Stonewall Jackson in liberated Mosul. Problem. Solved.

But We're Bored Of Jihad! Time To Sleep.

All this aside, the West could do the unthinkable and... no, that would be racist because as everyone knows, Islam's a race.

Behold The Genius Of Yoko, And John

So stay tuned for more daily Jihad terror as the West and Europe in particular, continue to ride the rainbow with gay abandon. And that's just fine until the Sharia Police throw you off the top of the nearest building. 

John and Yoko forever,



LL said...

In the U.K. It's easier to find a Kabab shop than fish and chips. That is telling.

Adrienne said...

That candlelit peace sign makes me want to puke. Okay - that's not a very elegant thing to say, but mowing down people with a van is not very elegant either. Are those people nuts?

Jules said...

John and Yoko forever! Hahahaha! Just spat my tea out laughing!

LSP said...

Behold, Juliette, the genius of Yoko!

LSP said...

I think they must be, Adrienne.

LSP said...

I miss fish and chips, LL. Have fun in the Old Country!

G. Tingey said...

Err ...
Has anyone noticed what actually happened to these rabid goons?
8 are DEAD & the remaining 4 are in the nick - hopefully for a very long time.

LSP said...

Let's hope, GT.