Thursday, August 3, 2017

Prince Philip Hero Of A Time

Prince Philip, at 96, has retired after a final engagement as Captain General of the Royal Marines. He served with distinction in the Navy during World War Two and retired as a Commander in the early 1950s.

Here's the Old Buccaneer in a Bearskin

Inspecting the troops

Gauging up the Magic Messiah

In a British Warm

Sporting a topper

About to abuse a journalist, and who can blame him?

For me, Prince Philip rises up out of the mist like a man from another age and he is. His generation were raised at a time when Rule Britannia was more than an amusing song in the Albert Hall. The qualities of an Empire were writ large in them.

Indomitable arrogance, perhaps, but lest you forget, how much more preferable than our near-invisible, satanic, transnational elite.

Well done, Prince Philip, you're a hero.



Anonymous said...

You can really upset Antifa muppets by pointing out that Prince Philip is what a real anti-fascist looks like.

LL said...

It must be difficult for Prince Philip to have ruled over a nation that has seen such a marked decline. The UK's GDP is still ahead of California in the charts, but just barely (California leads France if US states were nations). Prince Philip lived during the day when the sun never set on the British Empire.

C of E back when he was a youngster was not ruled by lesbian bishops. The Royal Navy wasn't an adjunct to the US Navy... almost a footnote in the annals of world seapower, eclipsed by Japan and China. Muslims weren't calling the shots in London, etc. How can it not be difficult?

I don't suggest that it's his fault. But he was at the helm of the ship of state when it faltered.

Anonymous said...

Prince Philip is the Queen's consort and not a King. Due to the weird and unwritten British constitution the monarchy has no political power in the UK. In the US you separated the State and Church whereas in the UK we separated the Crown from Parliament. Parliament has all the political power and the monarchy only has moral authority. The Ship of State has Parliament at the helm not Philip or even the Queen. I agree that the British Ship of State is floundering, but Philip has never been its Captain. I also agree that the Royal Navy has been eclipsed by other world powers. I further know that the Emirs of Qatar and Kuwait along with the King of Saudi Arabia each owns more valuable and a greater area of land in London than British Crown. However, not a square inch of London has been sold to these despotic tyrants by the Queen. It is not the Monarchy that brought us to this sorry condition, if you follow the money and the political power it is easy to see who the traitors are. People love writing off my country. King Philip of Spain did it in 1588, Napoleon in 1805, the Kaiser in 1914, Joe Kennedy in 1940 and Galtieri in 1982. Many here have been inspired by President Trump's election, his desire to drain the swamp and aim to make his country great again. For Britain the Tide has been running out for a long time, but as an old Sea Dog LL you know that when the Tide finally turns the flood sweeps all before it with a terrible and unstoppable force. So we shall drink our warm beer, eat our curry and ignore our clergy and 'betters' as we have always done. We will not panic, get hysterical or give up. We shall patiently wait, bad teeth and all, and in the morning we shall drive our enemies too their doom.

Jules said...

I think a book on 'Prince Philip one liners' should be released in his honour.

LindaG said...

Good post, good comments. Thank you.

LSP said...

Juliette, I have a feeling that that might have been done. But let's revisit the idea and get a new one out, working title? Rule Britannia!

LSP said...

Anonymous, you make a very good point(s). I especially like the antifa muppetry.

LSP said...

Of course the UK lost India, LL, and the CofE decided to become a GSUC (Gender Swapping Unicorn Cult).

I won't comment on Parliament.

LSP said...

Sure thing, Linda.