Saturday, August 5, 2017


Thanks to Brietbart's reporting on the Cuddle Industry, we know that cuddle parties are booming, comforting people everywhere who are traumatized by President Trump.

A Typical Cuddle Party

According to professional cuddler, Anastasia Allington of Austin, Texas, cuddling is all about space.

I started thinking about why it would be that people would seek out this service after this particular election and I think it has a lot to do with space. We walk through our days and we wear all these hats: mother, sister, employee, then something like this happens where, for many people, they felt bereft and the world doesn’t stop. In the cuddle space, you can be where you are with whatever emotion you’re feeling and no one has any expectations of you.


I won't comment about space but, No one has any expectations of you, are you sure, Anastasia? Regardless, here's some furries, cuddling.

Cuddlespace is centered in San Francisco and Austin. The number of Episcopalian and Church of England clerics who cuddle is currently unknown.

God bless,



LL said...

One person's cuddle session is another person's orgy, orchestrated by an evil clown in Austin...

Mephistopheles presides over the cuddle sessions in Lambeth Palace - or so it has been suggested by people in the know.

Adrienne said...

That qualifies as one of the most disgusting displays of moonbattery, evah! I'm not a touchy type of person and think most people should keep their hands to themselves. Those pictures make me almost break out in hives.

Jules said...

I'm happy to cuddle anyone; so long as they have a shit ton of money, a penthouse in Knightsbridge and a DB9. I don't even care if they wear their onesie.

LSP said...

A place in Knightsbridge? I think that's important, Juliette. Or to put it another way, where's mine, dammit.

LSP said...

It's very nasty, Adrienne. I hope it didn't make you too ill.

LSP said...

They're "cuddling" all over the place, LL. It seems to go hand in hand with Spirit Cooking.

LindaG said...

Not a chance in the world. I'd bean the first person who tried that with me. My 'space' is at minimum 3 feet on all sides.
It would be funny though, if someone farted.