Monday, February 27, 2017

Melania Mondays!

Here we are again, bringing you, the reader, another uplifting installment of Melania Mondays! and we're pleased to present this picture of America's glamorous First Lady, submitted by a well known member of the intelligence community. Here she is, looking studious.

Studious Melania

What else has Melania been up to, when she's not working hard at the desk, suing malefactors and making America great again?

Governor's Ball Melania

Not going to the millionaire socialist, slap-on-the-back-fest Oscars, that's for sure. Instead the popular presidential consort was hosting the Governor's Ball in DC and looking good. All in pleasant contrast to previous First Ladies.

First Lady

Well done, Melania, keep it up!



LL said...

None of the governors or their blousey wives boycotted the ball because Melania was there. Of course, most of them are Republicans...

LindaG said...

No matter what the Fake News channels say, Trump has my vote for everything he has done.
My condolences to the father of the Navy Seal killed in an operation early in President Trump's tenure, but his son new what he signed up for. May God comfort his family.

Fredd said...

I agree with LindaG: that Navy Seal signed up for arguably the most hazardous duty anywhere. And military operations are always messy; bombs, gunfire, grenades, and the enemy always has some input into how things go. Loss of life in these operations is a given. For this father to demand investigations because we took a casualty is just plain dumb. Yes, he is grief stricken, and rightly so, but his irrational stand after the fact should be scorned.

People always die in war, Dad. And they always will. Get over it, if you can. Shame on you for tarnishing your brave son's memory. Shame.