Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fish, You Fool

For a country blogger you sure don't seem to do much country stuff, so-called LSP, I thought bitterly to myself. To set the record straight, I drove over to the dam after visiting the sick.

The sun was out, the air was fresh and the water churned in the spillway, but would I catch any fish? Only one way to find out, cast off, which I did, using an earthworm as bait. No science, just throw the thing out there and let the current do its work. 

Soon enough, boom, fish on and a fighter. I reeled him in, struggling all the way, and was pleased with a decent Whitney dam Striper. Good result. 

Just as I was putting him back another fisherman arrived and started casting off with what looked liked fake minnows or shad. I was curious to see how he'd do compared to my nightcrawlers.

I Gave it Away

Another Striper later I felt vindicated, not a bad fish at all, and I gave it to my new pal who told me he'd caught a 30 incher yesterday. But here's the thing, he went on to catch a lot of fish with his fake minnows and I only caught one more. So I'm tempted to try his method and see how it goes.

And that was that, an hour or so of fishing and some fast action with it. For my next trick I'll go out and shoot some guns, if only to see if I remember how.

God bless,



LL said...

Fake minnows are PERFECT for stripers. I've used a rather large plug that looks like a rainbow trout and they love that one...some not that much larger than the plug. Smaller fish are the primary diet of striped bass!!

LSP said...

I definitely need to get on that... fun to catch, fighters.

LindaG said...

At least you didn't go home skunked. :)
Hm. Better take a refresher if you don't remember how. ;-)

Be safe and God bless.

Jules said...

I have no idea whatsoever what fake minnows are but I do know that the bloke is probably lying about his 30 inches.

LSP said...

That's a very good idea, Linda.

LSP said...

You might be right, Jules... mind you, he was pulling fish out of the water like a good 'un.