Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just A Shot Away


Sometimes what I do is get on the highway in the rain and the dark and wind up Gimme Shelter full volume  on the truck's basic but powerful jukebox. Armed?

fighting monkey armed with club

Ask the monkey.

Fierce beasts, fighting monkeys and that, readers, is just the way it is.



darlin said...

You're brave to be heading out in storms! Hmmm brave or, how does that go? lol Just teasing you LSP due to my self imposed limitations of going out in storms. Now the music turned up, you bet, I drive that way most of the time.

Wild beasts... pass. Was married to one of them in my past life! ;-)

Have a wonderful week LSP!

LSP said...

Sorry about the "wild beast", Darlin -- that's just no fun at all...

God bless.

darlin said...

Thank you LSP, I just chalk it up to another life lesson and from here on it it's onward and upward.

May God continue to be with and bless you as well.