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Saturday, December 14, 2019


Everyone knows Satan's not happy with the current crop of imbeciles, misfits, malfeasants and malcontents that have risen up to lead his party. Perhaps this will change things. Here's the former First Lady coming clean on Ellen:

I don’t want to hide it anymore. Joanne Rivers put it out there and why should we try to suppress her words when she was only trying to help me.
Look at my shoulders. Look at my hands. Look at my goddamn Adam’s apple! We are people too. You have no idea what it’s like having a bigger p**** than Barry. That’s something he and I, mainly he… struggles with almost every night of the week.

Will Michelle swoop out of literal leftfield and save the floundering, do nothing, leaderless, lying, phony, hypocritical, elite, corrupt Democrats from their existential crisis? Will a literal tranny save them or would it be another, ahem, senior statesperson.

Don't say the Devil rides out,